Detailed Gun Cleaning$75.00
Rebarrel w/ SS$725.00
Rebarrel w/ SS (add muzzle thread) $850.00
Rebarrel w/ Carbon Fiber$1,105.00
Rebarrel w/ Carbon Fiber (add muzzle thread)$1,230.00
Muzzle Threading (18” BBL or longer)$200.00
Muzzle Threading w/ Thread Protector$250.00
Action Truing$300.00
Bolt Knob Install w/ Knob (5/16 - 24)$165.00
Jewell HVR Trigger w/ Installation$260.00-$270.00
Jewell HVR Trigger (Left) w/ Installation$280.00-$290.00
Trigger Tech Trigger w/ Installation$195.00-$330.00
Trigger Tech Trigger (Left) w/ Installation$215.00-$350.00
Scope Mounting w/ Boresight$75.00
Scope Mounting w/ Zero Rifle$125.00
Scope Mounting w/ Barrel Break In$150.00
Ballistic Profile & Turret Set Up$150.00

We encourage you to contact us to discuss your particular needs and receive a more detailed estimate.

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